I provide affordable and effective counseling for couples, families, adults, children, and teens.  I specialize in adoption, focusing on the special needs of adoptive families.
Adoption has a lifelong impact on those it touches.  Timely intervention by a professional who is trained and experienced in adoption can prevent today’s concerns from becoming tomorrow’s problems.   

As an adoption-competent therapist I help parents understand the underlying causes behind behavioral issues and teach parenting techniques to build trust and attachment.  I am a trauma-informed therapist and work with children to heal the wounds of past trauma and grieve losses. 

I also do individual therapy, family therapy and couples therapy.  My therapy is undergirded by principles of my Christian faith.  I do not limit my practice to Christian clients and treat everyone with respect according to their beliefs and world-view.

I practice at two locations – Tarpon Springs and Brandon.  I offer flexible hours during the daytime, evening, and weekend.  Please call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.



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