What is attachment?
  • Attachment is the deep, enduring connection that develops between a child and caregiver during the first several years of life.
Why is attachment so important?
  • The quality of attachment has a profound impact on how a child views himself and the world around him.
  • Attachments provide the pattern for all other relationships.  Children who form secure attachments are more likely to develop and maintain healthy and positive relationships throughout their lifetime.
Adoption and attachment:
  • Many adopted children face difficulty in forming attachments as a result of breaks in relationships and lack of consistent and dependable care early in life.
  • Trust is the foundation of attachment.  Children who have experienced maltreatment or traumatic separations may be hesitant to trust others enough to attach quickly or easily.
Does my child have Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)?
  • Attachment can be viewed as a continuum, with secure attachment on one end and attachment disorder at the other.  While a small percentage of children with attachment challenges can be correctly diagnosed as having Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), many more adopted children display signs of some attachment difficulty, a midpoint along the continuum.  Diagnosis of RAD should only be made by a professional therapist experienced in working with adoption and attachment issues.

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