Attachment & Trauma Therapy

Adoption can have a lifelong impact on those it touches. Timely intervention by a professional skilled in adoption issues can prevent today’s concerns from becoming tomorrow’s problems as children get older.

As an attachment and trauma therapist:

  • I recognize that the adoptive family is usually not the source of the child’s problems, but it is in the context of that relationship that healing can occur.

  • I support the relationship between adoptive parents and their child and acknowledge them as valuable team members working toward a mutual goal.

  • The focus of attachment therapy is on the relationship between parent and child. In order to be effective at least one if not both parents as active participants in therapy sessions.

  • I understand that opportunities for healing occur in the context of everyday life and I teach and support parents on how to recognize and respond to the moments when they arise.

  • I appreciate that often in spite of abuse or neglect received from birth parents or other caretakers, the child’s loyalty to them is strong and must be honored in order to address feelings of separation and loss.

  • I recognize that the trauma of neglect, abuse, and multiple changes in caregivers often leaves children with social and emotional delays.

  • I understand that traditional methods of child therapy and parenting are often not effective in dealing with the effects of abandonment and trauma. I am constantly pursuing new information from experts in the field of adoption, attachment, and trauma to apply to my practice and pass along to parents.

  • I appreciate that bringing traumatized children into a family has an impact on everyone in the family and it is important to address these changes in all family members.

  • I recognize that parents are on the front lines 24/7 and require understanding, support and encouragement to attain the goal of maintaining a secure and happy family.

  • The attachment relationship provides the safety and security to begin to process the trauma and losses they have experienced.

  • Attachment is only the first step in the process. In order to bring about lasting change it is necessary to walk through the trauma of abandonment, loss, and other emotional wounds in their journey toward adoption.

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